How do I submit new product ideas or inventions to Eagle Claw?

We do accept product ideas and/or inventions, however please read below carefully before submitting. To submit a product idea, follow the mailing instructions listed below.

Each year, many individuals send Wright & McGill Co (W&M) and Eagle Claw Fishing Tackle Co. unsolicited letters and emails with ideas, samples, inventions and suggestions. We appreciate and welcome your thoughts and ideas. Wright & McGill is sincerely concerned with protecting the interest of the persons submitting ideas. At the same time, W&M must safeguard its own interests against misunderstandings and claims.

Many times we receive the same idea or product from multiple individuals, and/or an idea that had been already conceived by our personnel. Therefore, Wright & McGill shall be free to use, without obligation to you, similar ideas and inventions, received before or after your submission, consistent with patent regulations and rights. Wright & McGill Co. will not be under obligation to reveal activities of the same or similar nature.

We recommend all submissions be made via mail.If your idea or invention has a patent or patent pending, a copy should be attached. We will not return any submitted information or samples. Sending this form and samples does not guarantee a response.

To continue on to submit a product idea, please mail a cover letter containing the following information:

  • Product Description
  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone #
  • Email
  • Patent Issued? If yes, please include copy of the patent
  • Patent Pending? If yes, please include a copy of the pending patent.
  • The following copy must be included in the cover letter: I warrant that I submit this idea unsolicited by Eagle Claw Fishing Tackle Co., and that I have the unrestricted right to disclose or dispose of it to Eagle Claw Fishing Co., and that I am legal age and otherwise competent to enter into this agreement.
  • Cover Letter must be signed and dated.

Mail signed, dated, and completed cover letter along with necessary supporting materials to Eagle Claw Fishing Tackle Co. Retain a copy of submitted documents for your records. Mail to:

New Product Submissions

Eagle Claw

4245 E 46th Ave.

Denver, CO 80216