Can I use Eagle Claw Logos on a jersey or wrap?

There are some stipulations, but Eagle Claw will generally provide access to digital logo files for end user use on wraps or jerseys.

Eagle Claw often fields requests for logo usage from tournament anglers, fishing clubs, and or school sanctioned fishing teams. Logos include: Eagle Claw, Lazer Sharp, Trokar, and Shappell. We are flattered by the desire to be associated with our brand and we do our best to work with anglers to accommodate their requests.

However we do require anglers agree to standards when using our logos, and reserve the right to cancel access to our logos at any time. Logos must not be used in any way that will disparage our brands or that represent a joint venture, sponsorship, partnership, or any other business relationship.

The process to gain access to logos is simple.

        1. Fill out and submit the form HERE:
        2. Specify the desired file format. EPS files are generally preferred by print vendors as they reproduce at different sizes while preserving the logos resolution.
        3. Agree to the terms and conditions by checking the appropriate box at the end of the form, and submit.
        4. That's it! We'll send the requested files within 2-3 business days.